CFA Society Hong Kong 30th Anniversary


Having established an authoritative voice for Hong Kong’s investment professionals over 30 years, CFA Society Hong Kong as the world’s 4th largest CFA Society banding together over 6,600 trusted investment professionals has contributed to Hong Kong’s ongoing success as a world-class global financial hub.

As CFA Society Hong Kong celebrates three decades of success in 2022, it is committed to amplifying its roles in elevating the professional standing of investment professionals with continuing professional development; expanding the CFA community by making professionals proud of being a CFA Society Hong Kong member and creating a pipeline of world-class investment professionals through connecting with and grooming students in financial disciplines; cementing trust of the profession with strong advocacy and as a custodian of professional ethics – all working together towards reinforcing Hong Kong’s solid position as an international financial hub, for 30 years an beyond.


  • Created mentorship and members-only programs for professional improvement and advancement
  • Constructed a recognized and exclusive network of investment professionals in Hong Kong and the world
  • Delivered global opportunities through the global CFA network
  • Helped existing and potential members stay ahead of new trends
  • Maintained professional standards as an SFC-recognized provider of continuing professional training
  • Fostered global connection with APAC of CFA Institute

  • Developed an authoritative voice for the industry in relevant Hong Kong issues through advocacy and as a champion of professional ethics

  • Made the CFA gold standard a seal of qualification for the profession

  • Strengthened and upheld professional standards and ethics for the investment industry
  • Inspired and developed generations of local investment talent with a global outlook to support the local economy

  • Evolved Hong Kong’s profile as an attractive hub for international investment professionals through global CFA affiliations

  • Integral to Hong Kong’s ongoing success as a world-class international financial hub with professionals offering CFA gold-standard investment services

30th Anniversary Event Highlights

“Catch Our Tram” Campaign


30th Anniversary Gala Dinner