Services to Members and Candidates

Candidate Services Committee

  • Act as a bridge of communication between the committee and the candidates, provide necessary support and feedback to the study group leaders.
  • Share study experience and help the candidates prepare for the CFA Program examination.
David Ching (Chair)Zap ChengDr. Francis Lau
Tina Liu (Supporting staff)Jaime ChouBenjamin Xu
 Eric Fok 

Career Development Committee

  • Develop and promote career development events / programs for members and potential members.
  • Contribute ideas on programs, including but not limited to speaker recruitment.
  • Coordinate event rundowns, venues, catering and advertisement flyers with assistance from CFAHK administration staff.
William Leung (Co-Chair)Prab BajwaFrancis Lau
Alfred Lau (Co-Chair)Siu Fung CheungVarun Nayyar
 Alvin HoJoey Tang
 Claire HuangDavid Tsoi
 Alan JiangLena Wong
 Danish KhanJenny Xing
 Jun Yee KohJason Yu
 Justin KwokShelley Yu
 Bosco Lam 

Continuing Education Committee

  • To organize educational events on industry developments and topics of interest to finance professionals, and to assess the eligibility of events for Continuous Professional Training (“CPT”) hours.
Adam Wong (Chair)Bosco ChanJoe Liew
Lorenz Cheung (Vice Chair)Justin ChanRichard Mak
Edwin Fan (Vice Chair)Tim ChanJeffrey Tse
Celine Mang (Supporting Staff)Billy ChoiGilbert Wong
Trista Lee (Supporting staff)Alvin HoCoco Wu
 Joanna DaiDarren Yuen
 Claire Huang 

Continuing Education – Value Investing Special Interest Group

  • Spread awareness about the field of value investing and personal wealth creation.
  • Provides a forum for like-minded members to discuss, apply, and modify value investment approaches, to educate members about the core tenets of value investing and how they can be modified to keep up with current and future market conditions.
  • Promote the fundamental-driven, long-term, value-based investment style as a way of life.
Alfred Lau (Lead)Alvin ChanTimothy Mak
Celine Mang (Supporting Staff)Justin ChanWinnie Ni
Trista Lee (Supporting staff)Albert ChengKerr Poon
 Wallace CheungAbhilash Sivaraman
 Wan Kian ChongJeffrey Tse
 Michael ChowSue Xu
 Amanda FanLok Tin Wong
 Chloe HanCoco Wu
 Alexander LauJoe Yan
 Gary LeungSally Yang
 Nelson LiAlex Yao
 Edward LuiAndy Yau

FinTech and New Economy Committee

Position CFA Society Hong Kong as the FinTech / New Economy advocate for Hong Kong investment professionals by providing:

  • A forum to exchange views with FinTech / New Economy thought leaders.
  • A source of continuing education on the latest FinTech / New Economy developments.
  • Investment professionals with career trajectory realignment pathways.
Ashley Khoo (Co-chair)Paul BentonVincent Pang
Prab Bajwa (Co-chair)Raymond ChanRaymond Tsang
Rex Wong (Co-chair)Amy HuiJason Zeall
Celine Mang (Supporting Staff)Kenneth Kwong 
Trista Lee (Supporting staff)  

Member Services Committee

  • To participate in organizing CFAHK Member Services events and activities, including signature events, such as the annual dinner and awards night, as well as lifestyle, sports, and social events.
Felicia Wong (Co-Chair)Bosco ChanSimon Pang
Nicholas Jackson (Co-chair)Donald FungSookie Si
Celine Mang (Supporting Staff)Alvin HoJacqueline Suen
Trista Lee (Supporting staff)Jun Yee KohAaron Tan
 Alex LaiPeter Woo
 Alexander LauJenny Xing
 Ka Yan LeungKenson Yeung
 Kris Li 

Services to Industry and Public

Advocacy Committee

  • Review and provide valuable comments and suggestions on consultation papers published by the government, regulators and other professional bodies, such as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Securities and Futures Commission, the CFA Institute, etc.
  • Provide an unbiased, meaningful and independent view on advocacy issues.
Richard Mak (Chair)Sebastien CerbourgNelson Lee
 Francis ChanGary Leung
 Willis ChanMarco Leung
 Monica CheungJohnny Mok
 Flora ChiuJenny Ngai
 Alvin HoNic Tam
 Ashley KhooAaron Tan
 Kenneth KwongDavid Tsoi
 Alfred Lau 

Industry Relations Committee

  • Serve as a bridge between the Society and governmental bodies, regulators, and other professional organisations in the industry. 
  • Develop and maintain relations with the stakeholders in the industry, and to foster and grow mutually beneficial relations with partners to advance the Society’s mission.
  • Advocate and supply the necessary opportunities for members through partnerships and provide curated resources for members to help them pursue their goals.
Ashley Khoo (Chair)  
Alvin Ho (Chair)  

Investor Education Committee

  • Promote and enhance the financial literacy of retail investors to equip them with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to make informed financial decisions and manage their wealth wisely.
  • Collaborate with partners to offer tailored education campaigns to different target groups to ensure they remain confident and comfortable investing in the markets.
  • Support individual investors by assisting them in acquiring the information they need to make sound investment decisions. 
Ashley Khoo (Co-Chair)Raymond Tsang 
Alfred Lau (Co-Chair)  

Media Committee

  • Promote the CFA designation and CFA Society Hong Kong under our mission statement.
  • Promote and monitor public awareness within the community by serving as a resource and establishing relationships with key influences, including the local regulators and media.
Alvin M. Ho (Chair) Francis Chan Wisely Ngai
Alfred Lau (Senior Vice-Chair) Eric Cheung Debbie Zeng
Raymond Tsang (Vice-Chair) Michael Chow

University Outreach Committee

  • Plan the CFA Institute Research Challenge Hong Kong Local Final event timeline, formulate the rules and regulations and determine the subject, and to invite mentors, graders, and judges, and to organize and participate in the competition’s networking activities.
  • Reach out to local universities to offer advice and guidance to future finance professionals.
  • Launch new Student Mentorship Program.
Alvin Ho (Chair & Research Challenge Sub-group Lead)Edward ChanKris Li
William Leung
(Student Mentorship Sub-group Lead)
Terence ChanJoe Liew
Raymond Tsang
(University Relations Sub-group Lead)
Wallace CheungEdward Lui
 David ChingLeo Ng
 Carlin ChuKerr Poon
 Edwin FanNic Tam
 Donald FungAnna Tham
 Amy HuiLena Wong
 Mariana KouAnthony Woo
 Justin KwokJason Yu
 Bosco LamShelley Yu
 Alfred LauJason Zeall
 Nelson Lee 
William Leung
(Student Mentorship Sub-group Lead)
Edward ChanEdward Lui
Celine Mang (Supporting staff)Wallace CheungLeo Ng
 David ChingNic Tam
 Edwin FanAnna Tham
 Wenjie GeAnthony Woo
 Alfred LauJason Yu
 Nelson LeeShelley Yu

The Society’s Governance

Investment Committee

  • To set, implement and monitor investment policy for CFAHK reserves and working capital.
William Leung (Chair) Jaime Chou Joe Lin
Zukie Ho (Supporting staff) Alvin Ho Richard Mak

Nomination Committee

  • Review the structure, size, diversity profile and skills matrix of the Board and make recommendation on any proposed changes to the Board to complement the Board to achieve the Society’s strategic goals.
  • Identify suitable director candidates and select or make recommendation to the Board on the selection of individuals to be nominated as Directors to fill board vacancies as and when they arise.
  • Ensure plans are in place for orderly succession to the Board and oversee the development of a diverse talent pipeline, taking into account the challenges and opportunities facing the Society, and the skills and expertise needed on the Board in the future.
  • Review the Director nomination policy periodically and make recommendations on any proposed revisions to the Board.
Ashley Khoo (Chair)Kevin ChanRichard Mak
Rachel Cheung (Supporting staff)Dr. Jimmy Jim

Remuneration Committee

  • Make recommendations to the Board on remuneration packages. 
  • Review and approve the management’s remuneration proposals with reference to the Society’s goals and objectives.
  • Consider salaries paid by comparable organisations, time commitment and responsibilities and employment conditions elsewhere in the group.
Richard Mak (Chair)Alvin Ho 
 William Leung