Study Groups

Many candidates have found that regularly meeting with a study group of fellow candidates can greatly enhance their study experience. It helps them effectively structure their study time and maintain motivation throughout the preparation process.

We strongly encourage candidates who join the study group to be proactive and take the initiative in organizing meetings at a location and time that is mutually convenient for all members. These gatherings provide an excellent platform for discussing CFA exam reading materials, sharing knowledge and expertise, and providing moral support to one another. Additionally, study groups offer an opportunity to expand your professional network by connecting with others in the industry. It’s important to note that this service is provided free of charge.

Study Group for Feb 2024 CFA exam (Level I & III) is open now! Please click Here to complete the registration MS form on/before 02 Oct 2023 (Mon).

Study Group for subsequent May 2024 CFA exam will be opened closer to the exam date. Thank you.