Annual Dinner 2024

We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of our recent Annual Dinner, themed “Sustainability Through Investment”. The event left us feeling highly motivated and empowered to make a positive impact on the world!

The evening commenced with a powerful opening speech by Dr. Alvin Ho, CFA, President of the Society, sharing his thoughts on financial literacy and how practitioners in the finance industry can utilize their skills and expertise for the ultimate benefit of society. Our keynote speaker, Mr. Ronald Chan, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Portfolio Manager at Chartwell Capital, captivated the audience with his enlightening insights on sustainability and investment.

During the event, we also initiated a MOU Signing Ceremony with the Society’s long-time partner, Metro Broadcast Corporation, to strengthen the collaboration between the two firms. We have been working with Metro for almost a decade on various projects, including our long-lasting radio program “CFA Control Room”, demonstrating a shared vision and dedication to investor education, and raising public awareness on financial best practices and ethical investment. We cannot wait to see what amazing projects we can push forward together.

Another key moment of the evening was the award presentation ceremony, where we recognized and celebrated the remarkable contributions of our Outstanding Volunteers and charterholders who have earned their CFA charters for 10, 20, and 30 years. These individuals have consistently demonstrated their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the investment profession. Congratulations to all the deserving recipients!

We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees and volunteers who made this event possible. Let’s continue our journey towards a sustainable future, one investment at a time!

Anniversary of Attaining CFA Charter

10th Anniversary (in alphabetical order)

Mr. Edwin Chan, CFA
Mr. Clive Cheong, CFA
Ms. Mandy Chung, CFA
Mr. Andy Lai, CFA
Mr. Hong Fat Lao, CFA
Mr. Ka Ho Ng, CFA
Mr. Leon Qi, CFA
Mr. Wei Su, CFA
Ms. Rita Xiao, CFA
Mr. Cheng Zhou, CFA
Mr. Pui Sum Kwok, CFA
Mr. Wisely Ngai, CFA

20th Anniversary (in alphabetical order)

Mr. Anson Wong, CFA
Mr. Sean Soo, CFA
Dr. Chris Tse, CFA
Mr. Wing Yan Poon, CFA
Ms. Shui Hung To, CFA
Mr. Vincent Pang, CFA
Ms. Yuk Mui Theresa Chung, CFA
Ms. Helen Lee, CFA
Mr. Michael Chow, CFA
Prof. Chi Yuen Nelson Lam, CFA

30th Anniversary (in alphabetical order)

Mr. Lester Poon, CFA
Mr. Ean Kiam Ng, CFA
Mr. James Hong, CFA
Mr. Richard Mak, CFA

Outstanding Volunteer Awards 2023 Awardees

(from left to right)

Mr. Zap Cheng, CFA
Mr. Michael Chow, CFA
Mr. Tim Chan, CFA
Ms. Monica Cheung, CFA
Mr. Jeffrey Tse, CFA
Mr. Willis Chan, CFA
Mr. Lorenz Cheung, CFA
Mr. Kerr Poon, CFA
Mr. Wallace Cheung, CFA